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I feel like feeling love today...

...which makes me sad of course, and also it's a little odd. The day is stormy and melodramatic, and everyone around me is losing their loves. Antje and her boyfriend broke up, Alina has been crying on and off all day after the fastest romance I've ever known with my flatmate Sebastian.
Never trust a German ;-)

So life has been interesting socially recently, but I got the adventure bug this morning. Probably why I felt like lovin'. Probably why I'm writing an entry. Unfortunately this country shuts down in the winter, which begins in September, and without your own transport it's hard to get around. Still 'if' the weather's nice, me and Alina plan to climb Esja this weekend. Esja is the proud mountain ridge that nurses Reykjavik. It's covered in snow right now. It's kind of like the ridgeway to Weymouth, completely different weather each side. Except much more impressive:

But Reykjavik does it's best to entertain you. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Iceland Airwaves festival. You pay about £60 and get a wristband. About 6 gigs happen every night for 4 nights in about 8 clubs across the city. The wristband gets you in everywhere. Simple.
Saw some good bands, Icelandic, foreign, British. Met the parents of a small band from Scotland. They follow them on tour. Eemeli suggested standing behind them during the gig so if the band was bad we could deride them. I told him it wasn't a good idea to anger a Scotsman. So look out for Call to Mind. And their parents.
Enjoyed a band called The End that were much better than the pretentious prats that followed them. Jigged along to the Go! Team. Rocked to local heroes Reykjavik! (The excalmation mark is part of their name). But mostly I enjoyed jumping around like a looney to the Kaiser Chiefs. After the trampling and stage diving the foreigners I was with looked scared. I told them this is how we do it in England.

Many birthdays right now (due to Valentine's Day as we once worked out). Eemeli turned 26 last week, Sebastian 27 on Monday, and soon Alina will be 25. Our parties consist of humble affairs of drinking and laughing at someone's house. It's a lot of fun.
I've also come to the conclusion I live in the best house, by location, services and atmosphere. Everyone's casual. As a house we generally go to bed around 2 and wake up about 12. Well, unless we have lectures of course *cough*
Weekends are different here too - going out begins about midnight and ends about 4 or 5am. I'm getting quite used to it.
I'm also getting used to correcting people's grammar. I do it in my head a lot at home. But here people want me to correct their grammar and spelling. I've become too well accustomed to guessing the words people are struggling to remember in our fair language. Although so often there isn't a word. English actually has a lot less words for things than other languages. In fact, english is a surprisingly easy language in ters of structure. The only difficult thing is pronunciation. Often people ask me why soething is said a certain way and I just say "I can't explain my language!"
But yes, if I do correct your grammar at any future point I'm sorry in advance :-/

While I remember!
For those of you who want to visit at some time, I have some good dates...
I fly back to Iceland after christmas on the 7th January, so co-ordinating a flight would be a good idea. You can get pretty cheap flights with BA, returns for around £80.
Laura and Dave have booked flights to come see me in my Easter holiday, 1st - 7th April (I think...hm, will confirm later...)
Co-ordinating with other people is a good idea so that renting a car is cheaper and we can drive around. 3-4 days is enough to see glaciers, waterfalls, basalt colums, volcanic plugs, the frothing sea, the rising geysir and virtually no-one else!
A couple of days in Reykjavik is also nice, one of the most fun things is the thermal pools. Hot water is free, as it is piped from rocks beneath us, so every 'swimming' pool is vey cheap and comes included with at least one hot tub, if not a multitude of pots at different temperatures (ranging from hot to OWOWOWOWOW!). In fact last the other week we swam in an outdoor pool with an ambient temperature of -2 degrees. Getting out hurts. But it'll be even more amazing in the snow.
Although I must warn you, all guests are required to shower naked before entering the pools. Some visiting Finns asked me and Alina what we found strangest about Icelandic customs. I said the naked showering. People just don't walk around naked in England. They said it happens all the time in Finland, with saunas and all those lakes. I guess it's liberating in a way *blushes Britishly*

Started planning all your Christmas presents. Found out I'm on the same flight back to Blightly with Elena as she's en route to Spain. Which means that, providing someone comes back with me at Christmas, I won't have to fly alone again. Phew.
Though we're already planning to 'do Europe' this summer, starting (of course) in Finland and driving back to England. Which means I can just book a one way flight and say "I'll be back in about a month". Travelling is freedom.

Ok, time to stop, I apologise if any of there words contained above are missing their 'M's, I spilt juice on it earlier and it hasn't been the same since.

Au reviour!

Posted by Lifandi 13:16

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