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Leaving do

Join me as I bid farewell to England's green hills

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One week to go!
Sorry, I didn't realise you could only comment on this if you're a member, that's kinda gay. But please let me know if you're coming so I can arrange beds, food, chairs, etc. Any of my 3 email addresses will do, but I check hd4552@bristol.ac.uk most regularly.

Hello all!
I now leave the country exactly 2 weeks today (some guy from some mobile company phoned me up and 'wanted to talk to me about my mobile contract' to which I said, 'uh I don't need a contract, I'm going abroad next year' You should try it sometime, it gets rid of them real fast!)
Anyway, yes, I've decided to have a leaving do which runs as follows:

Date: Friday 18th August
Time: BBQ from 7, but I'll be free all day for people coming from afar who want a tour of Weymouth...!
After the BBQ, we'll be heading into town so's my mum doesn't have a hissy fit.
Venue: My house; 447 Dorchester Road

All uni friends are welcome to stay overnight, but I only have room for them, so any Weymouth folk will have to go home to bed :-)
Also, uni friends, if you can't come let me know and if I can I'll try to come up and see you in the preceding week.

Hope that is all, please comment on this if you can come or if you have any questions, hope to see you then!

Oh, and for the BBQ I would appreciate some contributions of food and/or drink...!

I can also confirm my address in Iceland:
Njarðargata 37,
101 Reykjavik,

I'll be there from 1st September :)

Love Hayley

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The Beginning


Although I'm not there yet, thought I'd begin my journal for my time in Iceland.
In case you're wondering, lifandi means 'alive' in Icelandic, something I hope to become more once I get out there.

I fly out on Monday, 21st August at 12.45 in the afternoon, exactly 5 weeks from now.

How exciting!

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